Advanced Stone Setting with Blaine Lewis

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      • We know first hand how frustrating it can be dealing with the many intricate settings and designs in jewelry today. We teach you hands-on expert techniques that will help you set both colored stones and diamonds in challenging settings with confidence, using the latest technology and time-saving techniques.

        In just five days, you will gain a new perspective on the ways you can be more efficient, skilled and professional no matter what design you dream up, or are faced with at the bench. With tips and techniques you won't learn anywhere else, and real-world examples, all at a professionally stocked jeweler bench with high-end tools, you will learn countless advanced stone setting techniques.

        Jewelers with intermediate stone setting experience are amazed at how fast they learn in this truly extraordinary class, while advanced stone setters are impressed with the wealth of new concepts they learn. The innovative techniques taught in this hands-on workshop dramatically improve craftsmanship, speed, and confidence, improving productivity and profitability immediately. (For tuition and class dates, click on tabs to the right of description)

        Essential Skills Learned in Advanced Stone Setting:

          • Heavy Bezel Setting
          • Flush Setting including colored stones
          • Prong Setting Fancies, including Princess Cut
          • Inlaid Channel
          • Open & Closed Channel Setting
          • Bead and Bright Cut Setting
          • Thread Setting
          • Pave Settings
          • Tapered Baguette
          • Micro Fish Tail
          • Proper use and handling of Gravers for Stone Setting and Graver Sharpening
          • Pre-requisites: Stone Setting Comprehensive
      • Tuition: $1,318.78 includes tuition, kit materials fee and applicable sales tax. (Tuition is $1,220, kit fee and materials are $90, and tax is $8.78)

        ONE-FEE GUARANTEE: New Approach is unique. We don't require you to buy or bring your own tools to attend our classes. All you need to bring is your personal optics, like an opti-visor and 10x eye-loupe, if you have them. If not, we will provide them for you to use in class.

        The use of professional bench and tools is included. There is no requirement to purchase or bring tools for this class.

        During the registration process, a $200 deposit is necessary to reserve your spot in the class. The remainder of tuition and kit fee is due by the first day of class.

        Pre-requisites: This is an advanced class, designed for jewelers who have taken Stone Setting Comprehensive, and implemented the skills learned for at least 6 months prior to signing up for Advanced Stone Setting

      • Dates:

        • February 17th through February 21st, 2020
        • June 15th through June 19th, 2020
        • Instructors: Blaine Lewis and Drew Hadley


Student Perspectives:

"For years I've said the three most important tools for stone setting were a microscope, micro-motor, and a GRS tool. I was wrong. The most important tool is the Advanced Stone Setting class at the New Approach School. Blaine's teaching skills and tips are top notch. I can't recommend a trip to New Approach School enough." - Chris Ploof

"I truly had an excellent experience. Blaine is a great teacher and really amazing at explaining technique. I feel like I really learned a lot of skills and new ways of setting that will save me time but not compromise quality. All the little tips and tricks were so valuable. I should also say that I have a hard time in lecture settings hearing and paying attention. I found his visual method of teaching to keep me really engaged." - Colleen Matthews

"I feel much more confident about stone setting and this will enable me to be more efficient and profitable at work. My other education has been Art School, and was much less trade oriented. I really enjoyed the way Blaine related jewelry specific situations to other things like ship-building and construction, and applied common sense to problems that I have a tendency to overthink." - Chris Tuller

"Blaine is as enthusiastic and excited a teacher as I have encountered. He's great at getting students to think instead of following given steps. I would recommend this program above any others." - Susan McDonough

"Blaine puts everything into perspective so it makes sense. This was just a great positive experience with so much knowledge to gain! Blaine is the best teacher I have ever known." - Benjamin Edwards


Class Schedule

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