Bench Jeweler Comprehensive with Blaine Lewis

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        • Our Bench Jeweler Comprehensive is a core class at NASJ, teaching you the fundamentals of being a successful, confident jeweler. With expert instruction on sawing, piercing, soldering, jewelry repair, polishing, and more, this is an excellent fundamental course to take. With in-depth examples and demonstrations that clarify these concepts, you will walk away from this class with new confidence and excitement about sawing, filing, torch theory, repairs, tool use, and finishing your jewelry. Our video integrated classroom is the ideal environment for learning the intricate techniques of bench jewelry. (For tuition and class dates, click on tabs to the right of the description)

          Essential skills included in the Bench Jeweler Comprehensive:

          • Torch Set-Up and Safety 
          • Jeweler Bench Set-Up - covering safety, comfort, and ergonomics
          • Proper setup and use of the Flex-shaft
          • Proper use and identification of hand tools, including hand files, hammers and jewelers saw
          • Soldering
          • Sawing
          • Filing
          • Polishing and Finishing using proper polishing compounds
          • Chain Repair Techniques, including identification of chain styles and configurations and effective soldering techniques for repair
          • Ring Re-Tipping and Re-Pronging 
          • Ring Re-Sizing up and down
          • Head and Shank Assembly
          • Pre-requisites: None, Open to all levels of experience


        • Tuition: $1418.78 includes tuition, kit materials fee, and applicable sales tax. (Tuition is $1320, kit fee with tax is $90, and tax is $8.78)

          ONE-FEE GUARANTEE New Approach is unique. We don't require you to buy or bring your own tools to attend our classes. All you need to bring is your personal optics, like an OptiVisor and 10x eye-loupe, if you have them. If not, we will provide them for you to use in class.

          Use of professional bench and tools is included. There is no requirement to purchase books or tools for this class.

          During the registration process, a $200 deposit is necessary to reserve your spot in the class. The remainder of the tuition and kit fee is due by the first day of class.

          Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this class.

          • Dates:

            • January 24th through January 28th, 2022
            • February 7th through February 11th, 2022
            • May 30th through June 3rd, 2022
            • July 11th through July 15th, 2022 
            • August 8th through August 12th, 2022

    Instructors: Blaine Lewis & Drew Hadley

    Class Schedule

    Student Perspectives:

    "I've been a jeweler for only one year and after attending this class I feel so much more confident in my skills than before. Blaine is great at explaining theory and fundamentals in such a way that it's hard not to understand what he's explaining. I've learned lots of good fundamentals that will help me avoid mistakes that would use up my time trying to figure out." - Max Orrantia, Bellingham WA

    "Fabulous class and instructors! Blaine's teaching style is informative and easy to follow. Having the up close TV/camera views really helped show details of what was being explained. This class has given me a new perspective on how jewelry is made and repaired, and inspires me to make my own jewelry." - Hayley Foltzer, Bloomington IN

    "Definitely suggest anyone who is the least bit interested in the jewelry industry/repair world should without a doubt seek Blaine's teaching skills and classes. I appreciate the jeweler position so much more now. Very thankful I was led here and I definitely want to come back for any course that would be offered. I'm honored to have been taught by Blaine and Drew." - Ariel Cothran, Hartwell GA

    "This class has opened many new doors for me. The benches are great, and easy to adapt to, and the tools are everything you need and more. I was intimidated when I first walked through the doors, but as soon as the ice was broken with Blaine and Drew's excitement and passion of this trade, I knew I was in the right place with the right people!" - Jeff Kostelecky, Columbus, MT




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