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  • Remy is a talented artist and natural teacher. Whether you have experience drawing and painting, or none at all, Remy loves to lead you toward confidence by sharing tips and techniques on how to sketch your designs to bring your jewelry to life in front of the customer. Starting with pencil to shape, and shade and contour, then moving on to adding dimension with paint, Remy can teach you in this powerful five-day workshop what you have always wanted to learn in his 2016 NASJ Workshop, Counter Sketching & Color Rendering.

    Learn how to develop your design skills with our Master Series artist, Remy Rotenier, who is a truly caring, devoted and talented instructor, and has earned great respect from our students. "The first day they always say they can't draw, they are not an artist, but I help them to see that they really are. I give them the tools to access this skill, develop it, and it changes their careers," explains Remy. (For tuition and class dates, click on tabs to the right of description)

    Essential Skills Learned Counter Sketching & Color Rendering:

      • Begin with black and white sketching and rendering
      • Develop your ability to rapidly express your ideas and visually explain and refine a custom project with a customer
      • Feel confident while creating powerful drawings, helping you to communicate ideas, work out problems and refine designs on paper, then translate them into your custom fabricated designs
      • Progress beyond the basic techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones in professional-quality paintings in the European tradition
      • Through the masterful demonstrations by your Paris trained instructor, you will see metal, gemstones and other materials come to life
      • Each student will create individual gouache paintings of their own designs
      • Pre-requisites: None, Open to all levels of experience
  • Tuition:$1,139.21 (Tuition is $995, Kit fee and materials are $132 and tax is $12.21)

    ONE-FEE GUARANTEE New Approach is unique. We don't require you to buy or bring your own tools to attend our classes.

    During the registration process, a $200 deposit is necessary to reserve your spot in the class. The remainder of tuition and kit fee is due by the first day of class. 

    Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, all levels of experience are welcome.  

  • Dates:

    • July 17-21, 2017

Instructor: Remy Rotenier




Student Perspectives:

"Not only is [Rémy] an extremely skilled artist, but he is a very good teacher. His classes are well prepared, his materials very helpful, and his attitude is friendly and caring. Everyone in the class walked away with a vastly improved skill level, no matter what level they came in with. I believe that anyone who takes a class with Rémy will be making a valuable investment in their future career as a jeweler, metal smith or designer. At the end of his workshop they will be able to sell their work just by drawing it!" - Elichai Fowler, Montana

"I had no compasses, no rulers, no vector based software---but there I was designing, as part of a fantastic counter-sketching workshop with Rémy Rotenier. . . [He] had us drawing without tools or templates. And though it took me a few hours to get past the initial discomfort, I soon was scribbling and drawing and having fun. Ditching my usual tools helped me to explore new facets of creativity. . . I am having fun getting lost in the creative process, without the distraction of my tools. And getting lost on purpose takes me to the place where magic happens." - Kate Wolf - Maine

"I had the pleasure of working with Rémy Rotenier in which some of our time was dedicated to his teachings of jewelry rendering. I have been designing for many years but will be forever thankful for the techniques he showed me. It has opened up a new way for me to look at and improve my own work by guiding me to a way to see things differently than what I was able to easily do on my own." - Jill Suddendorf

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Vision Problems 

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