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Kimberly Vaughn

About Kimberly Vaughn:


A former educator with a BS degree, Kimberly sought to leave the field of teaching to pursue her passion of creating and designing. The idea of creating has always been inherent for her since she was a child. Paints, colored pencils, play-dough, and snap blocks were the palette to create and design by imagination with. The added element of being fascinated with the adornment of gold and gemstone jewelry and the ornateness of the metal what was used as decorative art in familiar homes eventually coalesced into a beautiful new journey in life for her. For such a long time, the attraction of designing, learning to work in metal and form it, shape it, and make it into what she had imagined finally became a reality. 

While learning and studying various techniques of forming and fabricating metal, it wasn't until Kimberly's very first chasing and repoussé class that she had found "purpose" and "passion" for working in metal. Immediately, Kimberly was entranced by the ability, of taking flat sheets of metal and sculpting them into beautiful, dimensional works of art. Since her first repoussè class, she dedicated herself to the study, under the tutelage of well-known repoussè artists, to continue with mastery of the technique. 

Combining her enthusiasm for teaching and her passion for chasing and repoussè, Kimberly Renee's process of instructing students is innovative and unique. With the idea of using basic tools and simple shapes, she will demonstrate how bigger ideas can come from the most fundamental understanding of tool usage and application. 


Taking Shape: The Fundamentals and Application of Chasing & Repousse

Class Schedule

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