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Mokume Gane with the Masters Chris Ploof & Jim Binnion

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$1,307.31 includes tuition, kit materials fee and applicable sales tax. (Tuition: $1,225, kit fee: $75, tax: $7.31)


October 19 - October 23, 2020

Course Description:

Mokume gane is one of the most challenging techniques in the field of jewelry making, but it doesn’t have to be! Over the course of five days, you will learn from TWO world-renowned jewelers the fundamentals necessary to start along the road to becoming a mokume gane master! Mokume gane--the technique of making wood grain–patterned metal--can add an incredible depth and beauty to your jewelry that can't be attained any other way. There's no short-cutting the creation of mokume gane and, in this class, you will jump-start your adventures with this technique by studying with Jim Binnion and Chris Ploof, two internationally recognized masters of mokume gane.

Here's what you'll learn in this five-day class! NOTE: We provide all the tools and equipment for use in the class.

How to properly clean and prepare metal for creating mokume gane billets.

• The secrets to preparing and firing a well-bonded billet in a kiln, and how to reduce it to usable stock using hand tools or a hydraulic press.



• Discover what metals bond well with other metals, and what temperatures you should use.

• Which metals are appropriate for mokume gane jewelry projects.

• Discuss patterning, then get hands-on as you use a combination of burs and files, twisting and cutting to pattern your mokume stock.

• How to make a seamless ring, a carved bangle and a matrix die pendant using mokume gane.

• A demonstration of working with Stainless Damascus a mokume gane type material. including soldering, safe etching and patina.     

• Tips on safety and good studio practices from two guys who live at the bench! 

 What you'll take home with you:

• The pieces you make in class.

• A wealth of knowledge and the spark to take your jewelry making skills in new and exciting directions.

After this class, we recommend taking a hydraulic forming class to continue your growth! 

We recommend you bring a comfortable pair of leather work gloves.


Jim Binion: Check out Jim's website

Chris Ploof: Check out Chris's website


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