Pavé & Micro Setting Certification Program

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  • In this Intensive 20-day class, Intermediate level students with prior setting experience will focus on Fine Micro Setting and Pave’ Techniques for use in High Quality Jewelry Making. Topics to be covered consist of:

    Holding tips and tricks

    Framing and Layouts

    Proper Microscope Tuning

    Work Fixturing

    Graver Preparation

    Graver Cut Ajours (Square & Honeycomb)

    Cutting Bead work and Patterns (French and Swiss Styles)

    Fishtail Styles and Micro-prong

    Cluster Pave’ (French and Swiss Styles)

    Mixed Setting Techniques Bead & Semi-bezel, Micro Fishtail

    Stainless Steel

    Quality Aesthetics


  • TUITION: $7,382.26 includes tuition, kit materials fee, and applicable sales tax.($6,400, kit fee and materials are $895,& tax is $87.26)

    TAKE HOME KIT CONTAINS: Mixed C-Max Graver Kit of 7 Gravers, 2 Traditional Gravers, Graver Handle, 10-pkg Tool Holders, 2x2 Brass Practice Plates x5, C-Max Stepped Round Gravers Kit of 4 Gravers, Busch Carbide Pave & Drill Set, Busch Tungsten Vanadium Round Bur Set 0.3-1.4mm, Busch Tungsten Vanadium Round Bur Set 1.5-2.6mm, Busch Tungsten Vanadium Stone Setting Bur Set 1.0-3.25mm, Busch Tungsten Vanadium 90 degree Bearing Set 0.7-1.8mm, Busch Beading Tool Kit Sz 00-6, Wooden Pear-Shaped Tool Handles x2, Pin Vise, Brass Chamfered Practice Rings x2, S.Steel Engravable Key Tag, Gray Roughing Diamond Wheel, Blue Medium Diamond Wheel, Yellow Rubber Diamond Polishing Wheel, .3mm Mechanical Pencil and Various Assortment of Stones. Please Note:Stones will be priced out prior to class, so there will be an additional cost at class time.

  • Dates:

    May 23rd through June 17th, 2022 - (4 weeks)

Instructor: Jason Marchiafava