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Jason Marchiafava

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About Jason Marchiafava

Jason has been teaching at New Approach School for Jewelers since 2004. He is a third generation Artist and Craftsman that was trained following traditional methods to have a strong fundamental base in working with precious metals and gemstones.

Early in his engraving career, he studied under a number of world renowned Master Hand Engravers and is an expert at Bulino engraving,  Banknote Engraving, and Micro Chasing on precious and non precious metals. He traveled to Gardone Val Trompia, Italy, to visit the home studios of many internationally renowned Italian masters. While there, he studied engraving techniques considered to be some of the finest quality examples of Italian artistry in metal. This experience would become a big influence in defining quality, detail, and disciplined development in order to execute projects of comparable magnitude.

Later, he went on to study Intaglio engraving under the Chief Engraver of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving learning line engraving and printing processes used in the lost art of Bank Note Engraving. Discipline, and style would  be adapted into Jason’s work and add an element of distinction and diversity to his current skill sets.

By combining both engraving techniques and sculpting techniques with his fabrication skills. The result is a refined detail and style with an added complexity seldom achievable by a sole artisan. Some high jewelry and engraving works requiring thousands of hours, and multiple years to complete.

Over his career, Jason has worked with collections of some of the rarest and finest gemstones available on the world market and specializes in statement and investment grade colored gemstones paired with museum quality precious metal fabrication. A number of his works have been featured in book publishings for both engraving and jewelry.

Jason is also the former Master Craftsman of Tiffany & Company in recognition of the titles; Master Jeweler, Setter, and Engraver.Later he would go on to work as the Director of Process Development & Technology and was based in the Historic Tiffany Workshop located in the Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City. Here he worked with his team on making the famed Blue Book Masterpieces.

Jason additionally has a comprehensive background on jewelry manufacturing systems and has worked abroad consulting on specialty projects for major jewelry factories in more than 5 countries worldwide in the development of lean manufacturing systems.

In 2017, Jason decided to retire his position at Tiffany & Company to pursue his personal dream of creating High Jewelry of his own design, and the publication of educational content for the jewelry industry.

Jason and his studio (J.Fava) now resides as a resident Master Craftsman in the newly built New Approach School for Jewelers building in Arrington, Tennessee.