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The NASJ Difference


But if you delve a little deeper, do your internet searches and really look at what’s being said in the professional jewelry industry, it’s pretty easy to find out that inside of these walls, there’s something really special going on; and it’s based on our uncompromising philosophy, passion, advanced teaching tools and the finest visual teaching aids in the world.

We set our students up for success for the real world of jewelry making and repair. Below are just a few reviews from our past students, who put it in words better than we ever could. Thank you to all of you who have come to new approach school for jewelers, and are now enjoying such success. And welcome to those of you we haven’t met yet. We look forward to working with you, and helping your dreams of becoming a successful jeweler come true!

What People Say About New Approach

For years I've said the three most important tools for stone setting were a microscope, micromotor and a GRS tool. I was wrong. The most important tool is the Advanced Stone Setting class at New Approach School. Blaine's teaching skills and tips are top notch. I can't recommend a trip to New Approach School enough.
Chris Ploof
This class was amazing! 1feel that I have really expanded my skill set and the learning environment was incredible. For the amount of skills I gained this class is an incredible value and I will definitely be attending more classes in the future.
Kate Haley
Incredible! I came right off the street and took the one-week stone setting class. I was amazed at the fact that five days later I had set so many rings! I decided to take the 12-week Graduate Bench Jeweler program. Two weeks before the end of class, an upscale jewelry store was eager to hire me to work alone in their store! Blaine Lewis is truly a gifted teacher, who is more than generous to share mountains of knowledge, techniques, tricks and laughs. This course was just outstanding, and I highly recommend both experienced and inexperienced people to learn this craft at this school.
Cindy Winnett
Words can't express how grateful I am to have taken the gem setting course. I was intimidated to take this course, but within a few hours of listening to you felt at ease. My confidence has increased, not only in gem setting, but also in my abilities in creating jewelry. You truly have a wonderful gift in teaching. You have such patience and the encouragement you give your students is key. I have never been in a classroom where I have had this kind of encouragement. I will be back in the future to learn more.
Judy Fitch
New Approach School for Jewelers was a great experience. Lots of hands on work, excellent demonstrations and explanation through the class...I wouldn't trade this experience for the world!
Natalie Pazarian, MD
I loved the whole professional atmosphere. The fear of stone setting is gone, allowing my mind to move towards learning.
Mary Pettignano